“Siri-Like” Chatbot Turns This Numerology Offer Into A Cold Traffic Beast - $1.55 EPCs

Developed by a 7-time Clickbank Platinum Marketer…

Our bot has a “personality” that warms up even the coldest traffic...

Personalized 1:1 advice hooks them into a sales trance...

Our Content-First approach guarantees more sales, stronger EPCs…

Siri-Like ChatBot Sales Funnel Now Available

Your hoplink: http://XXXXX.authnumer.hop.clickbank.net/?r=chat (Replace XXXXX with your clickbank username)

Professionally made Siri-Like ChatBot Sales Funnel

Automatically goes to this page from your hoplink

Developed by A 7-Time Clickbank Platinum Marketer

How Does The ChatBot Funnel Works?

The magic of this funnel lies in this…

Once the ChatBot speaks, it feels as though you’re engaged in a 1:1 “LIVE” Numerology consultation. We have set up a “PRE-SELL” environment designed to warm up the coldest leads and turn them into sales in a 3-step process:

  1. It first establishes credibility and authority… to reassure the reader that this is worth every minute of his/her time. The ChatBot then begins to ask a few casual questions to better understand the reader.
  2. These questions would lay the “foundation” for the ChatBot to prepare a personalized “Mini Numerology Reading”. Our tests reveal that a Content-First approach guarantees more sales, and stronger EPCs.
  3. Once rapport is established, the ChatBot “accelerates” the sales process by leading the reader into a FULLY-PERSONALIZED salespage that upsells an ADVANCED Numerology reading (this is where you make your commissions!!)


"I've sent over 10,000 clicks and his funnels make money..."

"Joel Chue is a master of creating high converting funnels. I've sent over 10,000 clicks for him and his funnels make money for you days, even weeks after you have sent the initial emails. I believe one of the reasons why he makes good money for affiliates is because he is passionate about what he does as you can see the quality of his work through the sales copy he writes which is a great combination of metaphysics and marketing."

- Khai S. Ng

"Quality of Product...and low refunds"

"What I like so far is the quality of the product and average earning per sale, and low refunds.

Especially the new chat bot, it is very creative and useful!

My subscribers love that chat bot!

- Hubert Koh

$1.55 EPCs (Average) With This New Funnel

75% Commissions on front end sale

75% Commissions on first upsell

75% Commissions on 2nd upsell

Email us to get 90% commissions!!!!!! By default you will only get 75%

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