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These Urgent Revelations are Reserved Exclusively for:

Dear ,

I must tell you upfront that I'm humbled...

I'm humbled that you've contacted me at this stage
in your life; a time when the Universe has guided you
to me so I can translate her messages to you.

It's the best decision you've made in a long time and
I'll explain why in this personal Astro Numerology
reading that I've worked on for you.

Now my immediate reaction when I received your
request was one of excitement and joy...

... Because I've identified a unique and AUSPICIOUS
event which is going to change your life this year.

This event is known as a Pinnacle period and will be shower you with luck, opportunities and abundance to move your life powerfully to a new level of life experience... Especially in the areas of love and financial success.

It's also a time when you can skip obstacles that have held you back to attain love and wealth that would have led you to happiness in the past

, You're Indeed Fortunate As Many Are Not
Aware Of Their Temporal Pinnacle Period In Their Lives

I must say that I have worked with lots of people over the years and I rarely come across such a Numerology number profile that converges like yours (you'll see why in the free reading later...)

You're indeed fortunate...

There is strong evidence that your Temporal Pinnacle will start as early as 30 November -0001 and no later than () and you need to be ready.

It will only cross your life path for a mere 16 days and then it will vanish forever.

It will then be followed by a period of three months which will have many other positive repercussions in the love and financial areas of your life What this means for you is that in this rare period which is set to begin as early as 30 November -0001. And UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF A TEMPORAL PINNACLE, you can tap into this limited time where ABUNDANCE can flow into your life if you just know how.

"This is Amazing"

This is the most comprehensive reading I’ve ever received and I’ve gained the insight that I have been searching for years! This is amazing! The advices were practical and after I implemented them, I’m starting to see positive changes in my life. Thank you so much.

-Sarah Astons, 44, US

"I think I should be afraid..."

I was really surprised at the predictions made by you, Aiden. It was so accurate that I think I should be afraid? I've gained a lot of insights about myself and it has helped me to understand myself better and change my life for the better. I can't thank you enough.

- Tom Hayes, 26, NY

I Am Here To HELP You Take FULL Advantage
Of This Special Period In Your Life

But first, you need to fully grasp that the pinnacle cycle is a unique and sometimes an one-time opportunity in your life...

A Pinnacle cyclecan have positive repercussions or can reinforce your weak points, preventing growth and impeding your progress, if an individual isn't fully aware of the positive influences.

Considering how unique, sensitive and important this event is to you...

I've put together a partial reading to give you an idea about this PINNACLE CYCLE, I will discuss your current situation and your future I will also study your personality and your Past, giving you details which only you could have known about yourself.

Finally I will talk about the exciting events which will occur and you can look forward to, which is important for you because there's this single event that you never foresee that might change your life completely for the better or worst.

Free Astro-Numerology Mini-Reading For

Before I reveal details about your reading, I want you to know that despite the small amounts of time that I've... I've prepared a partial yet very accurate Astro-Numerology reading for you

Here's how I worked on your reading and I've always been very accurate as I paid attention to the smallest detail so do not take my work lightly

I worked from your date of birth, , your astrological sign, (which is set to be on 2018's honors list!)

And because you are , I also used your principal Decan...

I also took special note of the epistemological origins of your birthname , because this provides additional insights about your character... which you probably know by now that your name is not chosen by accident In fact, your birthname when combined with your date of birth and Zodiac sign , allows me to learn a lot about you that very few would know

These elements have enabled me to draw you a partial Astro-Numerology reading , which is totally unique and very personal

So let's have a look at the free partial reading that I have completed for you.

Using Your BirthDate of , I've Calculated
Your Life Path Number to be 0

Using Your Birthname, I've Calculated
Your Expression Number to be

Your BirthName Also Reveals Your
Soul Urge Number to be 0


To sum up ... I can very clearly see your Temporal Pinnacle Period is fast approaching into your life

The way a Numerologist foresees a Temporal Pinnacle is through the primary numbers:

When the combination of numbers- Life Path of 0, Expression Number of , and Soul Urge Number of 0, together with a divination from the 3,600 year old I-Ching, Book of Changes converge in a unique order as this, we Numerologists, get very excited!

You may be wondering why is this Period happening now? So let me take a few moments to explain this.

When I was preparing your reading, I felt a lot of positive things about personality and your character and I know deep from my heart that you're a very good person,

So instead of telling you how blessed and fortunate you're... I prefer to see it as the Universe's way of rewarding and answering to your needs for being a very good person

So CHERISH this and do not let this pass you by as you may never have the chance again.

Everything is there for you abundance in love and wealth, happiness and maybe even fame. You are positioned to reap these rewards when you accept the assistance that I am offering YOU.

"Fun and useful information"

Hi Aiden, first of all, I would really like to thank you for the reading, it was really helpful and it contained so much fun and useful information that was really practical and easy to use. I'm so amazed by the changes that it has brought, I can feel more hopeful about the days to come.

-Charlie Mann, 45, US

"I managed to find confidence in myself"

My life was in a mess, my relationship was on the rocks, and I was stuck with a job that I really hated... And that changed after I received your readings... I managed to find the confidence within myself that I never knew existed, it gave me the courage to change and now I'm living a better life! Thank you so much Aiden

- Kristine Tyler, 28, US

, Don't Let This Pass You Again

It's also interesting that I let you know there was a major Pinnacle cycle that went passed you earlier which you were totally unaware of. It occurred for you in , which you missed entirely.

If we had connected sooner I could have helped you through these challenges and to the Lucky you that is indicated in your soul. Missing out on this opportunity completely and this pushed your progression back somewhat, you stumbled and you found your way blocked and progression has since been difficult.

Now based on this, I DO NOT want you missing out again , this Pinnacle that will soon occur in your life makes me strongly believe that you are one of those fortunate people and in some ways have paid for it by karma.

Remember, this period will bring you amazing opportunities so DO NOT let this pass by as you may never have the chance again

Everything is there for you: Abundance in love, prosperity, health and maybe even fame.You're in an amazing position to reap these rewards if you just let me assist YOU!

Your Request Will Receive My ABSOLUTE,
Undivided And Immediate Attention

Here's what I'm offering to do for you:

The moment I receive your urgent request I will be notified and within just 1 day, I'll send you your PINNACLE PERIOD GUIDE so that the next 11 weeks become the most important in your life.

What you discover in this detailed reading has nothing in common with anything you may have been told up to now about you and your future.

You will receive a document that is more complete and more detailed than anything any other numerologist may have done for you before.

All I can say is that even though you may have unsolved personal problems right at this moment, your immediate future shows that will probably no longer be a problem for you.

In This Complete Pinnacle Period Guide... You'll Receive
A 3-Part In-Depth, Eye-Opening Numerology Reading

Numerological Reading #1
Your Life-Purpose Snapshot

The very first step to claiming the abundance of your Pinnacle Period is to find out your true life purpose. Ever wonder what is the life you were born to live? Once you discover your life purpose, you'll ultimately create a lifetime filled with meaning, ob, clarity and centeredness.

This is where your Numerology numbers will reveal to you in your Life Purpose Snapshot reading. It will provide personal, eye-opening insights of what captivates your heart and soul that are naked to the waken consciousness of the average person

As part of your Pinnacle Period Guide, this Life-Purpose Snapshot report looks deeper into the traits that define your life and further reveals:

  • What is your true life purpose... the life you were born to live. You'll finally unlock the astonishing truth of what life really has in store for you
  • What are your natural hidden talents inside of you and how you can use them to create success effortlessly
  • Discover your deepest desires, motivations, ambitions and beliefs that you are completely unaware of to lead you to more satisfaction and fulfillment in your life
  • Also, discover how fulfilling this one desire of yours will immediately set you free spiritually, emotionally and physically. You'll no longer waste time and energy on things that have little significance in your life
  • Achieve crystal-clarity of your goals and priorities in life that few will ever have in their lives
  • How to unlock the abundance of energy and enthusiasm in you that's so infectious that you are a mental magnet for love, money and happiness
  • What is the perfect job that you meant to excel effortlessly?
  • What is that lucky Numerology number in your life? And how to use it to have more good things happening in your life more often?

Numerological Reading #2
Your Personality Profile

It is crucial that you get your hands on your Personality Profile and consume this thoroughly. Finding out your true personality holds the second key to attracting the abundance in your Pinnacle Period.

Here's why: Unknown to most people, your personality is not simply a mirror refl- -ection of your conscious but mostly your subconscious. And because of that, most people don't realize the full potential of what their true personality could be.

I believe you have certain rare capabilities in unique areas that will bring you immense abundance and I'd love to help you to develop these capacities through your Personality Profile reading

In your personality profile reading you'll discover...

  • How to reclaim the strengths of your hidden personality? Including how to master this dormant power to overcome any adversity life puts in your path
  • How to bring out your true self that kindles loving, long-lasting and fulfilling relationships?
  • How to quickly and easily change personality traits that are holding you back to put you back on the most direct path to success and happiness
  • How to deal with... understand and influence your family, friends, lovers, employers and employees! (and anyone else)!
  • The amazing money-making personality traits hidden in you that once activated leads you to a stress-free life of financial freedom!
  • The secret to leading a balanced life no matter your circumstances now. You'll uncover areas in your life that are off-balance and how to tip it back
  • How to develop Zen-like composure and resilience in face of stress and difficulties...knowing deep in your heart that the problem will be replaced with a solution

Numerological Reading #3
Your Complete 1-Year Forecast

Just like how a master architect would lay his blueprint for a grand skyscraper, foundation by foundation... I've crafted these 3 numerology readings in similar fashion

These 3 readings when read together gives you a complete step-by-step "Blueprint" that reveals your unique PATH in this coming Pinnacle Period of yours.

Filled with predestined insights, you'll finally have the power to live the life that you deserve in alignment with your true life purpose

Gone will be the days where you wander aimlessly through life with no clear direction and often in doubt if your decisions and actions will work out for you

This blueprint will take you on the rightful path in your life!

In this final numerology reading, Your Complete 1-Year Forecast, you'll find in- sights to guide you through life-changing decisions that bring you luck, love and prosperity, avoid obstacles and how to turn every problem into an advantage

But always remember, our destines are not cast in stone.

Man has within himself all the necessary power to change his life. This power , free will is a special privilege granted to us- Man, by the Universe.

You've the absolute power to change your future!

Your Temporal Pinnacle, as powerful as it is, abundant with great opportunities to change your life to your liking...

... This power however will still be determined by how you exercise your Free Will to seize the opportunities it presents and how you can handle tribulations along the way

This complete 1-Year Forecast reading will guide you through:

  • The obstacles and roadblocks that life unexpectedly throws your way. These are intricately complex problems that in the past would completely caught you off guard and now can be planned for
  • The amazing opportunities that will present themselves to you. And what are the subtle signs to look out for so you don't missed out on this well-deserved abundance ever again
  • The positive people that will bring good luck into your life and those that you need to avoid (including one who is likely to bring ongoing problems in your life)

This complete 1-Year Forecast will tell you everything that you didn't know but need to know to live your best life starting today. The answers to your problem will be revealed and that in your future there will be no problems only SOLUTIONS that will bring light into your life

Your eyes will be opened wide to the possibilities that are in this for you with these three numerology readings that I'll be preparing for you

WAIT, There Is So MUCH More I Can Do For You!

I really want you to understand , the closeness I felt to you that I cannot yet explain

You are more than curious, you are determined to not just discover the gifts that you have from the Universe but nurture and grow them.

In particular I can see that you have latent extra sensory abilities that could be like mine with the guidance that you have been seeking.

It is an ancient practice that needs to be trained and cultivated and even then very few people are able to enjoy its full power. I am one of the fortunate and you can be too with the guidance that I can offer you.

If you accept my hand today held out to guide you I will show my good faith in you and send you some additional gifts FREE of any charge. They will be sent to you through the magic of the Internet so you can receive them immediately and with any charge for shipping.

They are tomes designed for students at the beginning of their journey that have been crafted by masters are you ready to start this life-changing journey?

BONUS #1: Understanding The
Celestial Zodiac Influence
This volume takes you into the world of Zodiac influence that few people ever understood. This advanced knowledge will reveal the extraordinary powers of the Zodiac's influence in our lives. You can read about each individual Zodiac sign and the individual traits of each sign along with the different physical characteristics and the particular personality summaries that make each sign unique.

This volume is highly regarded by people who are masters in this field as a profes- -sional reference especially as a reference for new seekers of the truth as its simplicity helps to explain intricate concepts in a way that is interesting and easy to comprehend.

From reading this wonderful information you will learn about who you truly are including why you are the way you and how your star sign affects your life.

Value : $64.99

Yours Free

BONUS #2: Art of Divine
Astrology Reading
This volume gives you an in-depth look at the basics of divine astrology and guides you on the essentials steps to draw an Astral-Clairvoyant reading for yourself. Read about the physical characteristics that are attributed to each of the planets - also referred to as the 7 Sprits Before the Throne, the terminology that is used when experts talk about the interaction of the planets and many other essential factors that influence a reading.

By the time you have completed this fascinating read you will have a good grasp of all the critical elements that combine to create a full accurate reading.

Value : $99.97

Yours Free

BONUS #3: Accessing Tarot
Cards To Read Your Future
If you want a straightforward way to access the Occult Science then Tarot is the ancient method that is essential when it comes to tapping into the Universal Energy. Tarot is an ancient art with a long history of accurate predictions. It can be complicated to the new initiate like you but this volume is written genuinely for beginners and looks at the very basics of Tarot.

This rare tome on Tarot reading will reveal the way to read the cards and master the art of predicting the future and clarify the events in your past.

Value : $24.95

Yours Free

BONUS #4: The Complete Guide to
Mastering True Numerology for
Happiness And Success
This guide is written by a Master Numerologist himself and is a must-have for keen minds who wish to master this ancient art. You will be in a position to create accurate Numerology reports after you master this guide that astonish in their accuracy.

You'll discover how to calculate using all the essential numbers in your life and how these numbers impact every aspect of your life.

Value : $47.99

Yours Free

BONUS #5: Using Palmistry To
Understanding Your True Self
Do you know how much information is etched on the palm of your hand? Your personality and all of your individual talents and what you can possibly achieve in your lifetime.

Learn about this ancient art and how to read the palms of friends and family. This is a basic guide that will give you an in depth understanding of Palmistry.

Value : $23.49

Yours Free

These 5 gifts are worth a fortune but I will be giving them to you for Free when you say yes and agree to my guidance in this special time of your life.


Send Your Urgent Request And I'll Use All My
Resources To Create A Comprehensive Plan To Guide
You Through This Important Period In Your Life

Rest assured that any information that you give me is for my eyes only and will be confidential. Please think of me not only as your guide but as your friend which the Universe has sent to you to help you accomplish great things during your transit period.

Once you say yes that you want me to create a full reading for you, I will give you the priority that you need to take advantage of this time. Happiness is within reach for you if only you will simply take the first step.

Remember that your Pinnacle Period will only come into your life once and if you don't take advantage and know what you need to do then all of that possibility is wasted.

Choose to change your life and break free of the misery, you know that you want to...otherwise the evil darkness will forever be your shadow.


Say YES and I will have your complete Numerology Reading available in a few days, you can start the change and Lady Luck will be free to come into your life.

Everything that is predicted will come true and you will be thankful that I came along and you took that difficult step that meant trusting me.

REMEMBER your happiness is now in your hands, I rely on you, and your loved ones rely on you but most of all YOU RELY ON YOU!



I am watching out for your response, I know that you will understand what I am saying to you. I am waiting to come to your assistance.

Yours Truly,
Aiden Powers


    saying is that if after 2 months into your Temporal Pinnacle, you're not totally happy with my
    work that I've done or feel that my guidance has not
    help you realized your potential you can email me
    and ask for a full refund

  • WHY AM I DOING THIS? I want to make you sure that there is no financial risk on your part so you can use this Pinnacle Period Guide to prepare for the greatest and most positive change in your life

    Remember, your Temporal Pinnacle is about to begin and I don't want you to miss this again. Request my help now! CLICK HERE
  • "This is like my bible now..."

    This report was one of the best! I have had numerous readings before on other websites, but all the advices were really vague, nothing has been as thorough as this. This is like my bible now and I refer back to it all the time! Thanks for having such a wonderful product!

    -John Frost, 56, US

    "I'll definitely recommend it to all of my friends"

    I'm amazed how wonderful this report is and I really liked how everything was so simple to understand and execute. Thank you so much for this great help! I'll definitely recommend it to all of my friends!"

    - Susan B., 67, US


    saying is that if after 2 months into your Temporal Pinnacle, you're not totally happy with my
    work that I've done or feel that my guidance has not
    help you realized your potential you can email me
    and ask for a full refund

  • WHY AM I DOING THIS? I want to make you sure that there is no financial risk on your part so you can use this Pinnacle Period Guide to prepare for the greatest and most positive change in your life

    Remember, your Temporal Pinnacle is about to begin and I don't want you to miss this again. Request my help now! CLICK HERE