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Hi there,

If you've never ever had a life coach to guide you in your life... you've short-changed yourself over the years.

So I want you to pay close attention to every word of this letter as you've been specially selected from hundreds of readers to receive special access to a revolutionary life coaching program...

Why? Because I want to make sure you truly end persistent, vicious cycles of stress, too-much-to-do, and start getting successful, wealthy, happy and healthy!


Please Listen:

I've spoke to a lot of good, honest and hardworking people like you and the one problem they keep facing with achieving successful living...

Is the problem of falling back into old negative habits unconsciously and finding yourself even further from where you first started

Bad habits that you're personally aware of that are detrimental to your progress and success yet you still do them. Think about it. Do you have a similar problem?

Here are some negative habits that disrupts our readers' progress:

Negative Thinking
Not Taking Care of Your Health and Body
Playing Victim
Not Taking Massive Action

Is any of the above self-destructive pattern disrupting your life right now?

So I'm going to do something very special for you - (and yes, I mean you specifically)...


I'm Going To Give You That One Valuable Thing That
Will Defeat Those Bad Habits And Hold You Accountable...

... Access to a life coaching program that will once and for all allow you to defeat procrastination, gain clarity about what you want, overcome obstacles, low confidence and insecurities and strategies on how to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Life coaching will lead you on the surest, safest path that will have you to create a life filled with more passion, excitement, confidence and joy than you've ever dreamed.

It will accelerate your success and progress while helping you find harmony and inner balance in your life.

"You Are Making A Big Difference..."

"Mike you rock! it made me realize that how I am now and the situation that I am in are not permanant good things are coming and I belive that now. Befor I was always so discouraged, you have given me hope and things are getting better. Thank you for time well spent you really, are making a defference by sharing your experiences and giving people great ideas."

- Jamie Black

There's One Little Problem About Life
Coaching That You Need To Know...

Unfortunately, coaching is expensive and even though it's well worth every penny in terms of the improvements you will see in the quality of your life, it remains out of reach for most people.

You see, most life coaches typically charge anywhere between $199-$499 for a 30-60 minute session through the phone. Even when pricing and service offerings vary tremendously from coach to coach,it still easily adds up to at least a thousand dollars a month.

Furthermore, it can be painstakingly difficult to find a credible and experienced life coach that have truly what it takes to assist you with your personal development, especially in the area of setting and achieving specific goals. After all, if you're going to invest yourself in life coaching, shouldn't you deserve the best life coach out there?

The encouraging news is that with BANABU 2.0 coaching program, you do not have not to pay a King's ransom nor do you have to jump through hoops to find a good life coach

BANABU 2.0 Coaching Program is about simplicity, without the hefty fees while still giving you access to one of the BEST Life Coaches in the world...

Meet Mike Kemski... His Reality Transformation Coaching
Program Will Show You How To Live Your Life Not By Hope...
Not By Chance But By Design... Without Breaking The Bank!

I like you to meet Mike Kemski... a world-renowned expert in reality transformation... his secrets will change your life forever...

His remarkable story of possibilities fascinated tens and thousands of people worldwide and his principles of successful living has become a worldwide phenomenon.

To understand the power of his principles, here's a brief look of the amazing that Mike went through:


  • Became addicted to alcohol at a very young age but after several years went to rehab. Was the only person out of over 100 people to stay sober and became an alcohol counselor for troubled youth and went to junior high schools talking about success and substance abuse.
  • This high school dropout went to college, earned a 4.0 GPA, and was honored in the National Deans List. An honor that only ½ of 1 percent of ALL college students ever receive.
  • Excelled at his chosen career and rose to the top in less than 2 years (when he was told it would take at least 5 years, if it was even possible because nobody had done it before).
  • Lost 50 pounds in 3 months (and loved every second doing it).
  • Became financially successful despite growing up in complete poverty.
  • Created BANABU and set forth the momentum of building a world-wide community of like minded people who support and pass on their experience, success, and stories.

Mike's Kemski successful living principles has allowed him to go from less than nothing in life to creating unbelievable relationships with friends, business associates, my wife, and my kids.

Plus having outstanding physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health, and a successful business living my mission and purpose creating a world-wide movement of success and greatness.

These principles have the power to create an Ultimate Life!

Does Mike Kemski BANABU Successful Living
Principles& Coaching Work As WellFor Other People?

Over the past several years, one profound fact has became very clear. Every person who had any success at all in life used one or more of these 11 Principles revealed in the coaching program. They actually use all of them at different times.

Don't take my word for it... see what other students of BANABU 2.0 Coaching have to say

"Helped Me Push Past My Comfort Zones ..."

"By using these 11 Principles I have reached higher levels of of success in my life."This course is real, open and honest. Mike makes himself vulnerable by sharing his most sensitive real life experiences. It gave me the courage to do things I never believed I could do before.It helped me push past my comfort zones and my life will NEVER be the same !"

- Becky Edwards

"Helped Me Improve Every Relationships In My Life ..."

"The BANABU course helped me improve every relationships in my life, co-workers, children friends, family and even my so called "enemies". Simple and easy to apply to every aspect of my life.Mike is a living example of the benefits of the principles he teaches."

- Jeannie Wall

"BANABU Has Become The Buzzowrd In The Class ..."

"I was surprised, I was shocked, I was impressed. I work with a risk students, we had to role play job interviews, I had them do the Principle#1 excersise and it worked. They did great, and they UNDERSTOOD!! It has become the buzzword in the class, when we want something to happen we shout BANABU! "

- Emilie J. Uyehara

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Here's How BANABU 2.0 #1 Most Affordable Coaching Program
Can Help You Build A New And Better Universe In Your Life...

Each and every month, Mike Kemski will upload a new coaching lesson into your private member's area...

  • A complete transcription of the call in a clean PDF report format.
  • A professionally edited clear copy of the audio training in mp3 format.
  • A question and answer session where your personal toughest and most pressing questions are answered.

This coaching lesson is carefully crafted to help you develop your capacity to think about things (life, health, wealth, relationships and happiness) in new and creative ways so that you can accomplish what you really want to accomplish successfully

And Every Quarter You'll Get:

  • An exclusive expert interview loaded with useful tools, tips, and tricks to BOOST you even faster into your successful results. (These trainings will vary because I tailor them to your most pressing needs and then use my extensive contact base to pull in the best expert who will provide specific and focused solutions to those areas so you get maximum value)

This coaching lesson is carefully crafted to help you develop your capacity to think about things (life, health, wealth, relationships and happiness) in new and creative ways so that you can accomplish what you really want to accomplish successfully

"I Have Already Experienced Great Changes In Myself Because Of The Priciple #1 Exercise..."

"I have only read the two principles and it is really, really intersting! I have already experienced great changes in myself and also in my whole life doing the principle #1 exercise Congratulations for your invaluable work, and thank you very much for sharing it with me."

- Laurent

"Should Be Mandatory Reading In The Class Of Life ..."

"If you want to continue to live a life scarcity and shyness DO NOT READ THIS COURSE! Mike Kemski is one of the few people that truley "gets it" and lives what he teaches. This book should be mandatory reading in class of life"

- Travis Seibold
President/CEO Seibold Media Group

>>> Start Risk-Free Right Now! <<<

Instant, Dramatic And Positive Changes Will Occur... Guaranteed!

Mike Kemski is 100% committed to you and will guide you to get crystal clear about
what you really want and how to make it happen -

  • You will learn to Create Predictable Outcomes in which you can accelerate your attraction what you want whether it be in more money, time off, peace and freedom.
  • You will Rewire your Brain and Thinking to attract the right relationships, opportunities that are perfect match for you. This shift in energy creates prosperity, abundance and wealth in all areas of your life.
  • You will be able to Pinpoint Exactly what you want to Have and who you are and then start putting everything together on fast forward.
  • Remove Unconscious Blocks and Break through past Limiting Beliefs that are self imposed - uncover hidden challenges and blind spots, blocks and barriers that could be affecting your career, finances, relationships and the lifestyle you live.
  • Make the Right Decisions that are Good for you with confidence and certainty.
  • You will learn techniques to get Yourself back on Track and Start Living Again whether it is accelerating your career/or business, increasing your income.

You will enjoy more love of life, and a renewed sense of excitement as you discover your personal definition of success and start creating possibilities as you design and manifest your desires for your life as you want it.

You will unlock the secrets of your unlimited human potential through an in-depth understanding of who you are and how it is that you become what you think and feel about!

This program is for those individuals who are truly ready to come out of hiding and want to stop the procrastination game towards creating the life they really want, to have more opportunities and a whole lot more choice!

You Can Give BANABU 2.0 Coaching Program An
Honest Try At Only $499 $1.00 For The First 7 Days!

I'm so confident that Mike Kemski's BANABU 2.0 Coaching program will work for you that I like to give you a test-drive at $1.00 for the first 7 days. Upon registration, you'll receive the very first Coaching lesson prepared by Mike Kemski himself.

If you're not completely satisfied with the materials for any reason, simply send an email to me at and I'll cheerfully cancel your coaching program subscription and refund you your $1.00 purchase.

And if the coaching program is to your satisfaction and with your permission, you'll then be billed $49.95 every month there thereafter as long as you're a member. Don't worry, you don't have to pay for the continuation if you choose not to. Plus, your 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee remains valid at all times. No Risk Involved Whatsoever!

FREE BONUS: Get The "11 Success Principles To Living Your
Ultimate Life" Course For Free To Get You Started Now!

I want you to start seeing positive, life-changing results as soon as possible.

This is the reason why I insist that Mike Kemski gives you a copy of his "11 Success Principles To Living Your Ultimate Life" course when you invest in the BANABU 2.0 Monthly Coaching Program.

This is a fully detailed manual that contains everything you need to know to create an ability within yourself to turn your dreams into reality.

You can read the beginning to end in less than 15 minutes and get started to take your life to a new dimension. Many people have actually used this guide alone to move closer to their goals. It's really that complete and easy to use.

Yes! Please add this BANABU 2.0 Coaching Program And
My FREE BONUS to my order for just $50 $1.00*


*You Can Access The Membership Now For A 7 Day Trial Offer For Only $1.00! You'll then be billed $49.95 every month thereafter as long as you're a member. Don't worry, you don't have to pay for the continuation if you choose not to. Plus, your 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee remains valid at all times. No Risk Involved Whatsoever! Enjoy your purchase!






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